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Positively Empowered Kids Festival

24th July 2019

We had the pleasure of going along to the Positively Empowered Kids Festival on the 30th June - a great day out with inspiring activities aimed at helping children realise they are extraordinary! The Festival is aimed at 5-12yr olds, however, there is no age restriction and we think you’d find something to inspire all ages. We certainly left feeling inspired.

Children could take part in Laughter Yoga, African Drumming, Circus Skills and Singing and Dancing activities. Also included was a cookery workshop, puppet show, well-being crafts, story time, taster therapy sessions and much, more. There was even an open mic and we were treated to a lovely rendition of Little Mix’s Black Magic and some great knock knock jokes.

Meet the festival organisers!

Claire Clements’ mission is for everyone to flourish despite the setbacks that mental health issues can bring.

Susan Brookes- Morris is passionate about improving children's emotional well-being and helping them to stay healthy and safe in today's complex world.

Jackie Wilson wants to inspire the next generation to go on a journey of self-discovery to empower them with the knowledge and understanding of who they are.


Here are just a few of the amazing people we met on the day:

Kevin Hill, Great Kids Life Coach

Kevin Hill has worked with children and teens for over 25 years across schools, in local communities and churches. He coaches through lessons, assemblies, themed days, holiday clubs and youth clubs. He specialises in very difficult concepts such as depression and suicide and breaks them down into bite sized pieces that kids can understand, remember and apply in their lives.

Debra Webster & Jackie Wilson, Emotions Tool Kit

The number of children and teens suffering with poor mental health is sadly growing, but  with education on how to manage these emotions it can be a great help. The Emotions Toolkit is a blend of training materials, support and multi-sensory resources to help children learn self-regulation skills, which, with practice, will stay with for life. Debra and Jackie have created the first two toolkits for 3-7 yrs & 7-11 yrs, and will soon be developing a teen toolkit, and one specifically aimed at adults. The Toolkit is a selection of techniques derived from yoga and mindfulness alongside scientifically proven methods to release ‘feel good’ hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.

Carolyn Clarke, Cherish Me

Carolyn began Cherish Me as a reaction to raising two girls in a society that tells them that their beauty is always under scrutiny. Carolyn now runs workshops, has books published, created journals for young girls, and beautiful merchandise and affirmation cards, all with her daughters Xavia and Nykera getting stuck in with illustration and product development, Cherish Me believe that 7-12 years is the ideal time to start developing self-love.


Head to and sign up to be kept in the loop about next years’ festival dates. We can’t wait.

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