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What is an Apprenticeship?


An apprenticeship is a job with training. Being an apprentice means that you have a job that includes gaining essential skills whilst you are working and earning a wage.

There are four types of Apprenticeships:

  1. Intermediate
  2. Advanced
  3. Higher
  4. Degree

There are four types because different jobs need different levels of skill, some need higher than others. When you look at the vacancies you will see the different levels and what they include. More about apprenticeship levels.


How long do they last?


They normally last between two and five years. This will depend on the type of apprenticeship and the level of qualification you are working towards.

What would I learn and what could I do?

This depends on the job you are training for.  Apprenticeships are applicable to 1,500 different types of jobs. You can look at the different types of Apprenticeship available by selecting the browse tab on the ‘Find an apprenticeship’ website.

By the end of your apprenticeship you will have the skills and experience matching exactly what your employer needs.


Where would I train?


This does depend on what you are doing. Your employer will decide how they want you to be trained to do the work. These are some of the ways apprentices are trained:

On the job

At college on a part-time basis

At a training centre, attendance varies, once a week or in blocks of a few days or weeks


What do I need to get an Apprenticeship?


You need to be:

  • aged 16 or over,
  •  living in England
  • not in full time education

You have to apply like any other job. Apprenticeships are a great way of getting into work and learning a job from scratch. Apprenticeships can be really competitive, make sure you take your time filling I applications and answer questions to the best of your ability.


What will I get paid?


This varies, each employer sets a wage based on the existing salary structure they have, based on the level of work you’ll be doing. There is a national minimum wage for apprentices but often employers pay higher than this. More often than not you’ll see what the wage is in the advert of the job.


How do I find apprenticeships and apply for them?


You can find apprenticeships on the National website under ‘Find an apprenticeship’. If you register you can sign up to get notifications about.  You can look at all the vacancies, just the ones in your area or just at the type of jobs you are interested in.

Many apprenticeships will be advertised on this site but some will not be and it could be that employers are advertising on their own websites or on recruitment websites. If there’s a particular employer you’re interested in working for, contact them and ask if they offer apprenticeships and if so where they advertise them.


How will I be supported?

Each apprenticeship provider will have their own processes in place to support learners, and it will be worth speaking to them beforehand to ensure that they can provide you with any additional support necessary to help you to complete your apprenticeship. Disability Rights UK have an Into Apprenticeships Guide to help you understand what support is available specifically for you.

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