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The First Steps - The Graduated Response

The SEND Graduated Response is a tool for schools and colleges to help ensure children and young people with Special Educational Needs reach their full potential.

The graduated approach is made up of four parts and is designed to help schools and colleges meet your needs:

Assess needs, Plan, Do, Review

  1. Assess Needs: All schools and colleges should monitor and review your progress. Your views and the views of your parents or carers should be taken into account here, too.
  2. Plan: Where progress is looking slow, trained staff should work with you, your parents/carers to develop a plan to make sure you’re getting the support you need for your future. The school should agree with you and your parents or carers what the outcomes will be.
  3. Do: This should be led and coordinated by you, your parents/carers and the SENCO (or named person at a college who has oversight of SEND).
  4. Review: A date should be agreed for reviewing the support and the difference it has made to you. Parents and carers should be included in any progress reviews. If progress still feels slow, your school or college will ask outside professionals to provide help and advice.


If Schools and Colleges have done everything they can under the graduated response but more support is needed it might be time to apply for extra funding or for an EHC Plan. If you’d like to seek further advice, please contact the Ask Us helpline 0800 121 7772




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AskUs Nottinghamshire’s Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation

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